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Auditions for the Season! And words from our Directors…

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‘Tis the season for auditions! This upcoming Friday, August 29, will be auditions for both Voices of the Class and Closer  from 2-10pm in the O’Hill Forum.

Performances for Voices will be Sept. 18-20 while Closer will take place Oct. 16-19. CLICK HERE for audition sign-up sheets! However, walk-ins are always welcome! No preparation needed – monologues will be provided! However, you may prepare your own between 1-2 minutes if you’d like.

For any further questions, please contact Producer, Melissa Collins, at or our Artistic Director, Christian Selassie, at

And now. . . get to know our directors and a little about the shows:


Cherise Pack, 3rd Year, Drama Major. Co-director of Voices of the Class.cherise
What is your vision for the show? My vision is to strip the audience of their vision. I want to blind them…with tears of laughter.
Why should someone audition for this show? For older students who audition for this show, it’ll be like taking a trip down memory lane. They’ll be (maybe literally, maybe figuratively) transported back in time to when they were young, vibrant high-schoolers working on writing the best college entrance essays and hoping for acceptance into UVA. For first-years, in addition to this being a chance to work on comedy sketch-writing and acting, it’ll also allow them to see if their entrance essays are being used in the show, and provide them with relief if they aren’t. Overall, everybody should audition because it’ll be a lot of fun and it will be an amazing experience you’ll never forget.
What will the time commitment be? On Sundays, Mondays, and Wednesdays, rehearsals will be from 6:00 PM to 10:00 PM, and on Tuesdays and Thursdays rehearsals will be from 6:30 PM to 10:00 PM. Rehearsals are from Aug. 31st to Sept.  17th, and the show is from Sept. 18th-20th.
Other involvements at UVA?  La Petite Teet: Sketch and Video Comedy Group, First Year Players, Student Stand-Up Club, Japan Club, Shea House Resident on the Japanese Floor
Is There Anything Else You’d Like to Say? I am Cherise, daughter of Desiree, member of the Pack Clan, known by ‘Reese’ to friends and enemies alike, devourer of pizza and Chinese food, consumer of bubble tea, Procrastinator-in-Training,  She-Who-Climbs-Stairs-Cautiously-And-With-the-Utmost-Trepidation, Teller-of-Hit-or-Miss-Jokes. So, yeah, I’m looking forward to either working with you or seeing you at the show! Don’t be shy, come say “hi.”


Lou Garcia, 3rd Year, Foreign Affairs Major, Co-director of Voices of the Class 
Why do I want to direct this show: I want to direct this show because I think it will be a new and fun experience for me. Voices of the Class has also become a staple every year for Spectrum and I would like to continue its success.
What is my vision for the show: I want this to be a fun show for both the actors to write and perform and for the audience to watch.
Why should someone audition for this show: Because Voices of the Class is a great way to get involved in the comedy scene at UVA and also because it’s really early during the school year and thus a great way to meet new people right off the bat.
Other involvements at UVA? I’m involved in a sketch comedy group, La Petite Teet, First Year Players, which is a musical theater group, and the UVA Drama Department.


Mary Davis, 4th Year, Drama Major, Director of CloserIMG_2073

This is Mary Claire’s first foray into directing since high school, and she could not be more thrilled to be directing Closer this fall! She has acted in productions by the UVa Drama Department, Reckless Theatre, Shakespeare on the Lawn, and First Year Players. She’s also very involved in the Filmmakers’ Society.  Basically, MC likes to try a bit of everything.  She can’t wait to bring this intimate, sometimes brutal play to grounds and, hopefully, generate some earnest discussions.  In the words of Salt ‘n’ Pepa, “let’s talk about sex.”

Voices of the Class 2014 – Get Ready!

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Love comedy? Love performing? Love making jokes from the crazy things people say? Well you’re in luck because Voices of the Class* will be starting up VERY soon! To stay in touch, subscribe to our listserv!


Admission essays of UVA’s Class of 2018 will be the inspirations for comedy sketches in this fall’s production. Auditions for this season’s Voices of the Class will be held in the O’Hill Forum on Friday, August 29th, 2PM-10PM, (and joint with the auditions for the mainstage production Closer) the week that classes begin. The performances will be held in the Chemistry Auditorium on September 18-20th. You’ll be able to find audition signup sheets at the Activities Fair booth on Monday, August 25th, and on our website through a google doc that same day. However, walk-ins are always welcome and no previous acting or comedy experience is necessary.

We’ll provide more information about auditions when we get closer to the time period, but if you have any questions feel free to email Executive Producer Melissa Collins ( or Artistic Director Christian Selassie ( in the meantime.


For a taste of Voices of the Class, check out this video:

*Voices of the Class is a sketch-variety show performed every fall by Spectrum Theatre. The directors and cast take the admission essays of the incoming First Years and use them to write sketches. Sketches, comedic songs, and short videos have been part of various productions of VotC, and can range from directly relating to school life and becoming an incoming First-Year to being a sketch completely inspired by the craziest and most bizarre lines taken word-for-word from admission essays. This always-unique show is often one of the first tastes of UVA theatre the First Years can receive and typically brings together performers of the different comedy groups on grounds.

Cultural Performance Celebration – An event from April

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On April 4 this spring, Spectrum Theatre held an event to bring together cultural groups to perform right before our Friday night performance of The Arabian Nights. Of the numerous groups that agreed to participate, we had a few performances as well. This is just a look back at what we got to enjoy that night, making new connections with groups on grounds…

Ektaal is the University of Virginia’s only co-ed South Asian-American A Cappella group. The group performs a variety of songs that fuse together elements of popular Hindi and South Asian music with English pop tunes. Ektaal was kind enough to join us on that evening to provide us with this performance – a mash-up cover of “Between the Raindrops” by Lifehouse and “Maula Mere”, a Hindi song. If you like this performance, please check out Ektaal’s Youtube Channel!

The Belly Dance Club at the University of Virginia provides students with the opportunity to learn belly dancing through quality instruction, to participate in performances open to the community, and to discover the rich culture from which belly dancing originates. This is some of what they showcased that night:

We also had a presentation by a member of Japan Club, and had support from a few other cultural groups at UVA. Thanks again to everyone who participated and to everyone who attended this event!


Summer Update – June

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Guess what – we have a new Exec Board! To read more about them, click here.

Exec Board Fall 2014

We also have new directors chosen for our upcoming shows, and can proudly say that we will be producing Closer by Patrick Marber this fall!

Mary Davis - director for Closer
Mary Davis – director for Closer
Cherise Pack and Lou Garcia - directors of Voices of the Class (2014)
Cherise Pack and Lou Garcia – directors of Voices of the Class (2014)




This site has also been updated with some pieces of our history, such as a few productions we’ve done: Avenue Q (2012), Voices of the Class (2013), Vagina Monologues (2014), and The Arabian Nights (2014). Read a bit about these shows if you’ve missed out, check out the videos and pictures, or just reminisce – even if the production was only a few months ago.

We also have a section about our Breaking Grounds Reading Series and the plays we’ve read and discussed. Spectrum Theatre started this series as a new way to expose and engage the community with provocative dramas. We’ve had a few readings on UVA grounds, and then two more at Para Coffee at the Corner.

As we continue preparing for the fall semester and building up the archives with relevant media about our productions to showcase our history, please keep us on your radar for more updates – such as information on our upcoming season. Additionally, if you haven’t already, please “like” us on Facebook. Every bit of support counts to boosting and maintaining our presence.

That’s a quick summer update for you. We’re so excited for everything to come, so stay tuned!

The Arabian Nights Show Week!

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Holy cow, that is THIS week! We are so proud and excited

for this production and hope you will join us!

Tickets will be on sale in Newcomb this Monday-Wednesday from

9-3 and on the Lawn Thursday and Friday!



Can’t wait? Enjoy this interview with director, Olivia, to learn more about the show!

A little snow can’t stop us!

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Well folks, looks like show week has turned into snow week.

We will be canceling tonight’s performance but are excited to be adding a show Sunday night at 8 pm!

If you bought a ticket for tonight then you’re able to use it any of the other nights!

Stay warm, and let us know if you have any questions!


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Tickets are now on sale for this Thursday, Friday, and Saturday!

8 pm at the Student Activities Building

$5 for a single ticket, $8 for pairs, and $3 a piece for groups of 10+

Find us around Grounds – we have buttons, stickers, shirts, and lanyards for sale too! Even have a fancy card reader so there’s no excuse!

We’ll be having a FREE a’capella concert Friday before the show:

See Facebook event for details 



Can’t wait to see you there!