Current Season

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 This Semester…

THEATRE’s mainstage
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Get one in small, medium, or large by paying in cash, Venmo to Emily Perego, or a check made out to Spectrum Theatre.
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  • The Breaking Grounds Reading Series is also back! We recently had a reading of The Presidential Suite, written by John Binkely, at Para Coffee. 

Stay tuned for updates!

Last Semester…


 We put on our regular production of Voices of the Class, this time directed by Lou Garcia and Cherise Pack. Voices went up Sept. 18-20 in the Chemistry Auditorium at UVA. Sketch comedy inspired by the admission essays of the class of 2018 provided a night of laughter for all who attend, no matter what year! Check out the results!

official collage

Closer, a play by Patrick Marber that inspired the 2004 film of the same name, was our mainstage production and directed by Mary Claire Davis.

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