Evil League of Evil

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The Evil League of Evil: How were they formed? What mayhem have they caused? We certainly don’t know- that’s why we’re asking. As the show draws closer and we are drawn further and further into the gritty life of crime in wherever Dr. Horrible takes place, these questions keep us up at night.

Some facts we found online

(so of course they’re true)

1) The Evil League of Evil is led by Bad Horse, the Thoroughbred of Sin. He is known for ruling the league with an iron hoof and for his terrible, terrible death whinny.

2) Fake Thomas Jefferson, a devote member of The League, desperately wants to be vice president but is challenged at every turn by Dead Bowie, another member. The other League members were detailed in a past post.

3) The surest way to gain acceptance into the league? Joss Whedon, the creator and owner of the Dr. Horrible universe offers this advice:

“Remember to always be yourself … Unless you suck.”

Final food for thought- what would the League application look like? We put our heads together here is our guess.


Off to plan a heist,

Spectrum Theatre


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