Dr. Horrible Promo!

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Dr. Horrible has been sneaking around UVA.

Not enough to satisfy the insatiable hunger of a Horrible fan? A note from our fearless director:

When I was a toddler by far my favorite book was a story called “The Three Little Wolves andthe Big Bad Pig.” Of course everyone knows the story it’s based on, but this version obviouslytakes some liberties with the original. The Big Bad Pig terrorizes the cute wolves of the neighborhood, raising the stakes ridiculously on their houses, culminating in a giant explosion of dynamite that leaves the pig standing charred in a crater that used to be a construction site. The point in bringing this up is that sometimes stories deserve to be told from different perspectives.

If you haven’t heard some variation on the Dr. Horrible story told, you probably haven’t been to the movies or picked up a comic book in the last fifteen years (Seriously, how many superheroes are there left to make crappy action movies about?) This is a story of conventions. Boy meets girl. Good versus evil. Laundry against…detergent. But what’s great about this story is that it looks at all of these things in a different way than anyone is used to. What if the good guys were just really big jerks? Everybody’s felt out of place. Everybody’s gotten in too deep. Rarely is it this funny, but regardless, everyone can empathize with Billy. Sometimes it ends well. After all, the Big Bad Pig realized he loved flowers and opened a greenhouse.

What about Dr. Horrible? Without giving anything away, his flowers aren’t quite what he expects them to be. Ask yourself whether he’s the wolf or the pig, and just whose story we’re in.

Connor Doyle



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