Voices of the Class 2011

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Congratulations to the fabulously talented folks who will be working on Voices of the Class 2011!

Our directer man, fearless leader, Tina-“Bossypants”-Fey person is…….

Josh Bressler!

Aiding and abetting in the directing process is….

Connor Doyle!

And last, but it would be boring to watch an empty stage for ninety minutes, the cast!

Chris “Bau Wau” Bauer
Jason “Car Panther” Carpenter
CJ “Dumbass/Dumas” Doumas
Payton “Bunny Feet” Drake
Stephen “Frown Clown” Flowers 
Jake “Jakey Poo” Frazier
Amir “Amir” Gassemi
Kaity “The Incredible Houk” Houk
Reid “Skeety” Kerley
Kirsten “Kiwi” Kiwior
Phillip “Phirrip” Munck
Sara “Sarah” Persily
Christian “Sassy Pants” Thorsen
Mary “Spelled like the Alcohol, insert joke here” Wines


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