Summer Series 2011

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It is May 30th and Spectrum Theatre is immensely enjoying summer break. Without all of that pesky schoolwork getting in the way, we have had plenty of time to plan for next semester! Voices of the Class 2011 will be going up on Thursday, September 15th. That’s right folks, there are only

104 days

until the next Spectrum Show.

But wait! There’s more! In addition to Voices of the Class, we are planning a Murder Mystery show for Halloween weekend. Those of you who are  in the Raven Society, who love American literature, or who have completed your fourth grade education may be aware that Edgar Allan Poe attended the University of Virginia. He is arguably our most famous drop out. While the details are still in the works, we tentatively plan on creating a murder mystery play around Poe’s famous poems and stories. Prepare yourself for a one-eyed, black cat who hears the thumping of a dead man’s heart in a kingdom by the sea. (Bonus points to those who catch all the references….)

Finally, as we prepare to move forward into a new year, let us not forget the good times from the last.

Photos from last Year!

Only one hundred and four days? We’ll be back before you know it! Enjoy your warm summer days and remember to look out for the Spectrum shows come fall.



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