Voices of the Class 2011 Opens Tomorrow!

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The show opens in 22 hours and we are hard at play here at UVA’s Chemistry Auditorium. I am typing this in between working the lights and all of the sketches are looking great. We’ve been flyering all week and, for those of you not lucky enough to catch us strolling around grounds, here is what we’re handing out.

Voices of the Class 2011

A Sketch Comedy Show

based on the Class of 2015


(That’s YOU, First Years)

and Hilarious UVA folklore

(that’s everybody)!

Mark your calendar for

Sep. 15th(7pm), 16th(8pm) and 17th(2&8pm) in the Chemistry Auditorium.

For more details, visit:

http://www.spectrumtheatre.wordpress.com (that’s here!)

Spiffy, right? We think so. Right now the actors are performing The Activities Fair from Hell, a personal favorite of mine. As an engineering student, however, I think the best one of the bunch is Last Friday Night in the E-school. I might be a little biased, but few things entertain me as much as watching an engineering student and a college student duke it out to the tune of Katy Perry’s hit.

(five minutes later)

And now they’re doing What Happens Next, a look at what happens to the author of UVA college essays after they press submit. Needless to say, with our vivid imaginations, murder and mayhem only being to cover it. There may or may not be an appearance from villain out of a famous fantasy novel: bragging rights to anyone who guesses which one.

Well I’m off to go man the light board. Hope to see you all here tomorrow night! (Or the next night! Or at 2 or 8 on Saturday!)

Katie Ryan

Proud Executive Producer


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