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Miss Voices this year? Don’t cry yourself to sleep tonight! We recorded the show and all of it will soon be available online. Before you watch, better read the director’s note.

From our Fearless Leader:

We’ve all been there. We sat in front of a blank word document
and focused hard on rediscovering that one amazing life
experience that could differentiate us from the rest. We exploited
our AP English skills and summoned every five-syllable word we
knew. We were “experimental,” “outlandish,” and “one of a kind”
because of our college admission essays, but let’s face it…we
only did it because of the absurdly competitive nature of college
applications. That’s why Voices of the Class exists. Sure, it seems
like we are poking fun at the authors of the essays (…Class of
2015) and yes, we sort of are, but really, this show exists to call
out the ridiculous expectations that accompany college essay
writing and the paper monsters those standards create.

This year’s Voices also aims to more closely entangle the essays
and the sketches. I hope that you (the audience) know, in part,
how we arrived at each sketch via a particular essay. That’s why
you will frequently hear a bell throughout the show. Anytime
the bell rings during the performance we are telling you that the
line just spoken was taken directly from an essay. I hope that this
gives the audience an insight into the nuts and bolts of this year’s
Voices of the Class, a patently preposterous production.
Josh Bressler

Here is the second half of Voices (keep a look out for the first):


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