A semester in review: Fall 2011

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Hello again! It has been a busy, tiring, wonderful semester here with Spectrum Theatre.

In the beginning was the word, and the words were in the application essays of the class of 2013.  Spectrum began our fall season before classes were back in session, diving right into the fray. Throughout the summer, our crack team of humor writers combed through 300 admissions essays given to us by the admissions office at UVA. We laughed with the incoming class of 2015, we cried with the incoming class of 2015 and we finally sat down to write sketch comedy about the incoming class of 2015. Voices of the Class, an annual show performed at UVA for the last eight years, is about more than teasing the first years; we make fun of everyone at Mr. Jefferson’s fine university! From wacky traditions (like streaking the lawn) to rites of passage (like surviving your first activities fair), the VOCT cast captured it all. Led by Josh Bressler, we performed in the Chemistry Building at the end of September to a massive, giant, overwhelmingly half filled auditorium! And Spectrum saw that the words were good.

And Spectrum said, “We’re not done yet!” For as long as college students can personify a theater organization, so that organization can thrive. Rebounding with a speed that would make Clark Kent jealous, Spectrum sprung into our second Fall show a mere week after finishing Voices. Directed by Jake Frazier, a veteran Spectrum performer, we returned to our secret comedy cave deep in the bowels of UVA’s steam tunnels. Could we actually manage to put on another show, in less than a month’s time? Were our comedy writers still funny? Would the lack of sleep make us LOSE OUR MINDS?

In a word, yes.

And so October went, filled with laughter and Newcomb food and writers block. Like Voices, our second show of the fall was in sketch comedy format with many returning writers and actors. Unlike Voices, we had no essays to act as a guide to the collective imagination of our group this time. A madness slowly descended onto our writers until, with a booming crash and lightning striking in the distance, Spectrum’s Sketchtacular was born! A sketch comedy show to end all sketch comedy shows (presented by Spectrum Theatre…. for the rest of that semester, anyways….). We wrote, built the set with two people, rehearsed and advertised in a month’s time. After performing over parent’s weekend in the last week of October, Spectrum sat back a couple hundred dollars richer and with a grin on it’s face. And Spectrum saw that Sketchtacular was good.

But would Spectrum rest there? Yes. Spectrum did nothing for two weeks and immensely enjoyed the break. Quite frankly, Spectrum needed it. But after a short sabbatical, Spectrum leapt into action once more. From some outreach into the community to an end of year party, we are keeping busy and (mostly) out of trouble here in Charlottesville. Keep your eyes pealed for next semester’s shows:

The Vagina Monologues


Avenue Q

Till next time,
Katie Ryan
Proud Executive Producer


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