Artistic Staff Interviews for Avenue Q!

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Artistic Staff Interviews!
Dec. 4, 5, 6, and 7
I am extremely excited for this opportunity and I know this will be a great show! If you’ve ever wanted to be a part of a great artistic staff and be able to put puppetry on your resume, then interview for Avenue Q Artistic Staff!


I am looking for enthusiastic people to fill the roles of:

Assistant Directors:
This show has many complex elements, from the vocals to, most importantly, the puppets. I will definitely be working closely with the Assistant Directors on learning and being able to teach the art of puppetry to the cast, as well as aiding the rest of the Artistic Staff with puppetry logistics. Again, no experience with puppets is required. Experience with blocking, directing, and acting is highly appreciated!

Vocal Directors:
This show is very heavy on strong solos and duets. An understanding of vocal techniques is crucial. Since the cast is relatively small, I would like to have skilled vocal directors who can work well individually with the cast members. There are also many character voices that need to be addressed when working on the vocals, so any experience with character voice work would be great. Piano skills are also a plus for teaching the music, but is not required.

The choreographer will NOT be required to teach or understand how to perform with puppets. I am looking for someone skilled in stylized movement, as there is very little actual dancing in the show. I will be working closely with the choreographer when working on blocking and creating interesting stage pictures.

Orchestra Pit Director:
The music in Avenue Q is extremely fun and moves at a rather fast pace. Luckily the size of the pit will be relatively small, so I would like to have a Pit Director who can conduct extremely well and keep the pit organized. There is a heavy focus on having a smaller number of strong musicians, so helping find this talent and working with them on an individual basis is necessary.

I will also be interviewing for:

Technical Director:
The set in Avenue Q is going to be a large undertaking, so organization is key. Technical theater experience is highly recommended, but an expert level of knowledge is not required. The technical director will also be responsible for recruiting the Technical Staff and organizing tech week.

Stage Managers:
I am looking for enthusiastic and extremely organized individuals to help with scheduling, rehearsals, and keeping records. Being present for rehearsals and tech week is extremely important.

Please email me to set up an interview time, or let me know if the given dates do not work for you. Feel free to email me with ANY questions! Thank you!!

-Michael Vasquez


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