One Billion Rising Positions and Vagina Monologue Auditions

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We at Spectrum want to welcome back from Thanksgiving break. There are two major events going on before the winter recess.

We will be holding auditions for the Vagina Monologues, written by Eve Ensler and directed by Spectrum’s Bri Balone on December 8th from noon until 5pm in the Runk Green Room. To sign up for an audition slot, go here!

Walk-ins are welcome and you DO NOT need to have a piece prepared. We will have selected scripts available for cold readings. If you have any questions or conflicts, feel free to e-mail Bri at with “The Vagina Monologues” in the subject line.

Additionally, we will be choosing leaders for One Billion Rising in Charlottesville. Here are some of the positions we are looking to fill:

  • Publicity Head: primary contact for newspapers, radio stations, and University resources; in charge of designing OR approving flyers (depending on artistic inclination…); in short, getting the word out to both the UVa and Charlottesville community about One Billion Rising!
  • Fundraising Head: primary duties include talking to local businesses and individuals to find sponsors and supporters for One Billion Rising. Forms of fundraising range from bake sales to buying ad space in the program with everything in-between.
  • Men’s Movement Head: we are looking for (more than a) few good men to head up the V-Men’s movement! For more information about the program, visit the official website.
  • CIO Outreach: in charge of communicating with the various organizations on grounds. There is already a rich community of activists and supporters at UVa– we want to coordinate our efforts so that everyone who is working towards the common goal of ending violence can stand strong together.
  • Faculty Outreach: in a similar vein, we want to reach out to faculty from all of the Universities schools. We already have some momentum building withe Women, Gender and Society department: only 67 more to go in the college; and then there is the Engineering school, the Architecture school, the Nursing school…..
  • Community Outreach: One Billion Rising is a call to entire communities to rise up and reject violence. We want to get as many facets of the Charlottesville community involved with the movement! Primary responsibilities will include researching and contacting other organizations that might want to join with us.

If you have any questions about the positions, feel free to email Katie Ryan at with “One Billion Rising” in the subject line.

This is only the beginning: we want everybody who is interested to get involved and let their voice be heard. We are continually looking for people who are passionate about any aspect of OBR– from music (for the actual dancing) to art (a photography contest! a logo design forum!). If YOU have a great idea for an event or movement here in Charlottesville, e-mail us! We want to hear your voice rising along with the millions of voices around the world.


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