Planning the Rising

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Good evening friends!

We had our first major One Billion Rising organizers meeting tonight and, over pasta and wine, discussed out plans for the coming month. In only 25 days we will be rising in Charlottesville, Virginia. The long awaited details are finally here!

Where? The UVA Newcomb Ballroom

When? 02.14.2013, 11 am to 6 pm

What? A celebration and a memorial, a dance and a protest… we are joining together with 182 other countries in a global rising to end sexual and domestic violence against women. We will have live music, from a Capella to DJs. There will be dancing, artwork, self-defense lessons, free food, and much much more…..

In the next week, our major mission is to reach out to other individuals and organizations which will join us. We are inviting representatives from any group that works to end Women’s Violence to join us on V-Day. This is a great opportunity for organizations to meet and mingle, recruiting new volunteers. The mission of our OBR event is two-fold: to increase awareness about women’s issues in our community and internationally and to raise money for our beneficiary this year, the White Ribbon Campaign, and the national V-Day movement.  Interested? Know someone who might be? Email Marta at, one of our OBR coordinators. 

Another goal for this week is to order our One Billion Rising merchandise—- T-shirts, stickers, and who knows what else? Here is one design we are considering for the Vagina Monologues:


There’s lots of work to be done, but we are up to the challenge! For all the other organizers out there, we hope some of our ideas are helpful to you!


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