Meet Your Spring 2014 Directors!

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…or should we say diSPECtors


Name: Victoria Ford

Year: 3rd

Major: English Major, History Minor.

Show Directing: The Vagina Monologues.

Why do you want to direct this show?

Every director is going to tell you their show is important, but the Vagina Monologues are necessary.  To be perfectly honest, the Vagina Monologues are not some magnificent, artistic achievement; it’s simply a series of monologues about a central idea.  I want to direct this show because our society is sick.  It’s been sick a long time.  One in four women worldwide will experience rape or sexual assault. Everyone besides women have been telling the ladies of the world what to do with their vaginas, how their vaginas should look, and that their vaginas should never be talked about.  It’s about time women talked about their own vaginas.  I want to direct this show because I’m tired.  It’s time women told their own story.

What is your vision for the show?

A show like this has the potential to feel really disjointed if a director isn’t careful; just sending one girl at a time to talk can feel isolated and rather boring.  I hope to send a message of unity.  The entire cast will remain on stage together the entire time. We’re going to have lots of movement and, I’ve made some monologues group dialogues. These actors don’t just represent themselves as women but also the characters they personify, Eve Ensler, the woman who wrote the show, the countless women Ensler interviewed, and even the women of the audience.  It should feel like a positive rally for the audience member, not just a show.

Why should someone audition for this show?

What other show will let you scream “vagina” on the top of your lungs?  It’s a show that’s honestly just trying to do some good work in the community.  You can’t really beat that.

What will the time commitment be?

Three to four nights a week.  I’m flexible though if an actor is passionate.

Other involvements at UVA?

I’m heavily involved with Shakespeare on the Lawn, and my “real” job is light design.  I directed the Merchant of Venice with them last year.  I volunteer at the LGBTQ center.  I work at Jimmy Johns on the Corner. I’m actually really boring. My life is going to really revolve around vaginas for the next month.

What is your spirit animal?

An otter?  Isn’t that Hermione’s Patronus charm?  I just really want to be Hermione Granger.

Favorite trip you’ve ever gone on?

My girlfriend drove me to a farm in the middle of the mountains to ride horses for my first time.  Our car ended up breaking down twice, but it’s still one of the best days of my life.

If you could get one celebrity to star in your show who would it be?

Meryl Streep.  Because, let’s face it, she could play Batman and be the right choice (I stole this comment from Modern Family.  Oops.)

Guilty pleasure shower song?

Baby Got Back.


Name: Olivia Hairfield
Year: Third
Major: Foreign Affairs
Show Directing: The Arabian Nights by Mary Zimmerman

Why do you want to direct this show?
There are so many opportunities to create something new and unique with The Arabian Nights.  Improvisation plays a huge part in the music and scenes, so every night the show will be a little bit different.  I also love the play because it incorporates many different forms of art to tell the stories.  For me the sections of poetry from the original 1001 Nights text are especially compelling.
What is your vision for the show?
This show explores the interplay between modern Iraq and the fantastical world of 1001 Nights.  My goal is to maintain the vibrant nature of the original tales while still relating to current themes and relationships.
Why should someone audition for this show? 
This is a strong ensemble show.  All of the actors are on stage the entire time, and everyone plays multiple roles.  Everyone will get the chance to be the focus of a scene.  This is also a great opportunity to show off your diverse talents.  If you are an amazing dancer or a professional juggler, The Arabian Nights is the perfect play to feature that skill.
What will the time commitment be?
Rehearsals start in February with three rehearsals a week until March.  Most will be weekends around midday, but the schedule is very flexible according to availability.
Other involvements at UVA?
Shakespeare on the Lawn, First Year Players, UVA Dining Educator, Group Exercise Instructor IMREC
What is your spirit animal?

Favorite trip you’ve ever gone on?

Peru and Chile

If you could get one celebrity to star in your show who would it be?

Jennifer Lawrence

Guilty pleasure shower song?

Don’t forgot to come out for auditions this weekend!



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