Cultural Performance Celebration – An event from April

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On April 4 this spring, Spectrum Theatre held an event to bring together cultural groups to perform right before our Friday night performance of The Arabian Nights. Of the numerous groups that agreed to participate, we had a few performances as well. This is just a look back at what we got to enjoy that night, making new connections with groups on grounds…

Ektaal is the University of Virginia’s only co-ed South Asian-American A Cappella group. The group performs a variety of songs that fuse together elements of popular Hindi and South Asian music with English pop tunes. Ektaal was kind enough to join us on that evening to provide us with this performance – a mash-up cover of “Between the Raindrops” by Lifehouse and “Maula Mere”, a Hindi song. If you like this performance, please check out Ektaal’s Youtube Channel!

The Belly Dance Club at the University of Virginia provides students with the opportunity to learn belly dancing through quality instruction, to participate in performances open to the community, and to discover the rich culture from which belly dancing originates. This is some of what they showcased that night:

We also had a presentation by a member of Japan Club, and had support from a few other cultural groups at UVA. Thanks again to everyone who participated and to everyone who attended this event!



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