Spectrum Theatre Updates

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Our production of Closer officially ended. To view photos of the production and see what you missed, check out the Closer page under past shows!

Spectrum Theatre’s next reading is for The Normal Heart, Monday, Nov. 17rd. Be sure to click attending the Facebook event to stay up to date on location confirmation!


Spectrum Theatre is also having interest meetings for Spectrum Theatre to share with everyone what we’re all about and to give details on our opening Executive Board positions and our upcoming 2015 production of The Vagina Monologues and participating in our future productions and readings. For all those interested, click attending on our FACEBOOK EVENT to stay up to date and find us on Tuesday and Wednesday of next week (Nov. 4th and 5th) at 7pm.

Spectrum logo black background

Oh, and Spectrum is looking for a director for THE VAGINA MONOLOGUES! Email Artistic Director Christian Selassie (cs2ak@virginia.edu) or Executive Producer Melissa Collins (mc8wc@virginia.edu) for more information. Applications are due by November 11th at midnight.


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