Past Shows

Want to reminisce about past Spectrum productions?  Here is the place to do it!  If you want to see the evolution of Voices of the Class or the Vagina Monologues, the information regarding those shows can also be found on their corresponding pages.

Our goal here is to trace the history of Spectrum, all the way from its creation in 1998 by Kevin Neher and Steven Shephard.  It’s important to know where we came from so we can better plan where we’re going

Do you have pictures or video footage from past Spectrum Theatre productions?  Do you know of additional shows we did that aren’t in the archives?  Let us know!  E-mail information, photos, and video footage to Brandon Christopher at and he’ll add them to the archives.


Closer (Student Activities Building, October 2014)

Voices of the Class 2014 (Chemistry Auditorium, September 2014)

The Arabian Nights (Student Activities Building, April 2014)

The Vagina Monologues 2014 (Student Activities Building, February 2014)

Voices of the Class 2013 (Chemistry Auditorium, September 2013)

The Vagina Monologues 2013 (Chemistry Auditorium, February 2013)

Voices of the Class 2012 (Chemistry Auditorium, September 2012)

Avenue Q (Student Activities Building, April 2012)

Voices of the Class 2011 (Chemistry Auditorium, September 2011)

Dr. Horrible’s Sing Along Blog (The Forum, April 2011)

Vagina Monologues 2011(Chemistry Auditorium, February 2011)

Voices of the Class 2010 (Chemistry Auditorium, September 2010)

Bang Bang You’re Dead (Forum, April 2010)

The Vagina Monologues 2010 (Chemistry Auditorium, March 2010)

She Loves Me (SAB, November 2009)

Voices of the Class 2009

I Love You Because (SAB, March 2009)

The Vagina Monologues 2009 (Chemistry Auditorium, February 2009)

Voices of the Class 2008 (Chemistry Auditorium, September 2008)

The Last Five Years (SAB, March 2008)

God is On the Radio (Chapel, February 2008)

The Vagina Monologues 2008

Voices of the Class 2007

The Fantasticks (Chemistry Auditorium, November 2006)

Voices of the Class 2006

The Shape of Things (Chemistry, April 2006)

Topdog/Underdog (Maury, March 2006)

Bad Seed (McLeod, November 2005)

Art (McLeod, October 2005)

Complete works of Shakespeare Abridged (OCH, 2005)

Love’s Queer Labors (2005)

Dido and Aeneus (Spring 2005)

Voices of the Class 2005

Arcadia (2004/2005)

The Importance of Being Earnest (2004/2005)

Voices of the Class 2003

Lysistrata (January 2000)

Voices of the Class 1999

Romeo and Juliet (January 1999)


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