Avenue Q



Executive Board

Executive Producer: Katie Ryan
Assistant Producer: Marta Hansen
Technical Director: Bri Balone
Business Manager: Kelly Croswell
Artistic Director: Amir Gassemi
Publicity Manager: Chris Bauer
House Manager/Historian: Mary Wines

Artistic Staff

Director: Michael Vasquez
Assistant Directors: Chris Bauer, Amir Gassemi, Brigitte Suijk
Vocal Directors: Jimmy Edwards, Sara Persily
Choreographers: Mandy Giampaolo, Stephanie LeBolt
Pit Director: Jonas Creason


Princeton: John Ohmart
Kate Monster: Lauren Lukow
Lucy the Slut: Emily Klein
Rod: Taylor Shank
Nicky: Jake Frazier
Trekkie Monster: Chuck Moran
Brian: T.J. Henderson
Christmas Eve: Stephanie Lee
Gary Coleman: Angelica Jackson
Bad Idea Bear/Newcomer/Ricky: Jake Gumble
Bad Idea Bear/Mrs. T: Lori Mullins


Keyboard: Sara Akl
Keyboard: Caroline Burr
Clarinet: Norah Stephanos
Alto Saxophone: Mariah Sinden
Flute: Carly Matson
Bass: Jonas Creason
Guitar: Mac Morecock
Percussion: Steven Moore
Drumset: Tu-an Truong


Stage Managers: Sami Brown, Jackson Wolford
Publicity: Leah Davis, Kaity Houk, Anna McGrady
Sound Designers: Chris Bauer, Andrew Elliott
Lightning Designer: Kelly Croswell
Run Crew Chiefs: MaryClaire Martin, Allison Wong
Run Crew: Rachel Ford-Fink, Olivia Hairfield, Ryan Laychak, Hannah Todd  

Director’s Note: Thank you so much for coming to see Avenue Q and for supporting Spectrum Theatre. I will be brief, because as I write this I am furiously making puppets for this show. It has been a long process of researching how to make the puppets and finding all of the supplies. My apartment is currently covered with fur pieces, felt, and the lovely smell of contact cement. I would like to thank my roommates for putting up with the mess. Thankfully they are also in the show. Thank you to the special people who helped me with the last minute rush. You know who you are and I really appreciate the all-nighters. Puppetry is not an easy skill, and I am so proud of this cast – all of whom were able to pick it up so quickly. Directing this show has been an amazing experience and I appreciate the opportunity to work with such talented people. Puppetry is usually thought to have puppeteers hidden behind a stage or hidden out of view of the camera, but Avenue Q is a unique experience that lets you see the puppeteers and the effort that goes behind making fur and felt come to life. Please sit back and enjoy this unique art form.

Photos of the production process

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