Bang Bang You’re Dead

Spectrum Theatre performed this moving and emotionally powerful show April 8-11, 15, 17-18 2010 about one high school student who was pushed to the edge, and commits the unthinkable. The show reveals what may have been warning signs, whether the tragedy could’ve been prevented, and if the deceased are really the only victims.

Admission is $3.  In memory of those we lost on April 16, 2007, $1 from every ticket sale will be donated to the Hokie Spirit Memorial Fund (HSMF).

Directed by: Bryce Griffler & Alex Patton

Artistic Asst. Director: Lindsay Ferris

Production Asst. Directors: Rebecca Carter and Robert Eshleman

Caleb Erikson
Sara Delach
Brendt Harris
Amir Gassemi
Courtney Hartnett
Lily Patarinski
Katelyn Krause
Lauren Paullin
Justin Feltman
Anna Greenlee
Luke Banda

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