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Closer follows 4 individuals as they meet each other in unpredictable ways and relationships begin to form. It’s a show that explores sexuality in relationships, as well as the politics of relationships and various forms of lust and dissatisfaction in love. A 2004 film adaption of this play starred Oscar-nominees and winners Julia Roberts, Natalie Portman, Jude Law, and Clive Owen, bringing this play to the wider public to share its commentary on sexual relationships.

Clay Shorey – Dan
Claire Ryder – Anna
Luke Van Bergen – Larry
Niki Afsar – Anna

Mary Claire Davis – Director
Andrew Isaac Burrill – Assistant Director

Technical Staff
Technical Director – Sam Khurgel
Assistant Technical Directors – Maia Foster, Rachel Okrent
Set Designer – Patrick Bond
Costume Designer – Jessica Utz
Run Crew – Sam Ganis, Hannah Herold

Check out the Cavalier Daily’s review of this production!

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