I Love You Because

A video preview with sound clips featuring the voices of the cast:

I Love You Because is a musical performed by Spectrum Theatre in March 2009.


Myles Glancy- Austin Bennet/Co-director

Emily Hobgood- Marcy Fitzwilliams/Co-director

DJ Lick- Jeff Bennet/Co-director

Elizabeth Baxa- Diana Bingley/Co-director

Caitlin Alexander- NYC Woman/Co-director

Matthew Savarese- NYC Man/Co-director

Design Staff

Rob Vaughan- Technical Director

Rebecca Carter- Assistant Technical Director

Ashley Kinney- Co-stage manager

Sarah Gulotta- Co-stage manager

Mike Benonis- Sound Designer

Justin Freshwater- Lighting Designer

James Villarrubia- Set Designer

Pit Band

Lynne Kolodinsky- Pianist/Conductor

Nowell Gatica- Second Keyboard

Bryan Myers- Clarinet

Brian Francica- Saxophone

Anna Kushner- Oboe

Andrea Guzman- Flute

Jeff Williams- Bass

Erik Larsen- Guitar

Tyler Badgley- Drums 




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