She Loves Me

Spectrum Theatre performed Bock and Harnick’s lost treasure She Loves Me on November 12th, 13th, and 15th 2009.

Set in the European 1940s, “She Loves Me!” tells the story of Georg Nowack, Amalia Balash, and the other clerks of Maraczek’s Parfumerie. Georg and Amalia despise each other at work and find solace in writing letters to their romantic pen pal “Dear Friend”, an anonymous match through a lonely heart’s club. Little do they know, Georg and Amalia are actually writing each other!

Director: Ashley Kinney
Assistant Directors: Kirsten Kiwior and Brigitte Suijk
Music Director: Kevin Jefferson
Vocal Director: Martha Eason
Choreographer: Caitlin Alexander

Technical Director: Emma Miller
Stage Manager: Matthew Minnicino
Set Designer: Virginia Berg
Sound Technician/Master Electrician: Matt Miller
Lighting Designer: Katie Ryan

The Cast:
Georg Nowack – Scott Russell
Amalia Balash – Mia Joshi
Ilona Ritter – Frannie Carey
Stephen Kodaly – Norman Reategui
Ladisla Sipos – Leah Gold
Arpad Laszlo – Sara Persily
Mr. Maraczek – Jonathan Ohmart
Maitre’d – Melanie Ashkar*
Busgirl – Lauren Hickman*
Detective Keller – Jackie Fitzsimmons*
Sounds While Selling Trio:
– Molly Millard*
– Corbin Puryear*
– Kayla Winslow*
Amalia’s Customer/Stephanie – Cera Chen*
Viktor – Victor Hugo*
Hugo – Mike Villalobos*
Hostesses – Jyna Maeng*, Molly Millard*

* also a member of the ensemble in addition to his/her given role

Audition Preview Video

Cavalier Daily Review

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