The Last Five Years

This Jason Robert Brown Song Cycle was performed in 2008 from March 13th-16th in the SAB.

Spectrum Theatre presents Jason Robert Brown’s The Last Five Years, a stirring and distinctive musical directed by Adam Smith.  This modest musical, well-known for the human lyrics and beautiful music that shape its story, features two characters in one act.  The Last Five Years retraces the romance of Jamie Wellerstein, a successful Jewish novelist played by Ranjan Kahn, and Catherine Hiatt, a struggling Irish Catholic actress portrayed by Leah Bernick.  The Tony Award-winning composer’s story is fascinatingly told—while Jamie begins to tell the story from the day the two met, Catherine begins her tale on the day the relationship ends and moves backwards.  For a few brief moments, a heart-wrenching duet explodes as the two stories cross.  Constantly throwing the audience between laughter and tears, the show captures a universal emotion with a simplicity and clarity that are innovative and fresh in the world of musical theater.  Spectrum Theatre is proud to produce this rich and beautiful tale woven by startlingly lifelike characters who dare to risk their emotions and themselves for the sake of true human connection—it is a story that inspires us to truly consider our own lives and relationships.  Six performances in the course of four days will run in the Student Activities Building near the Stadium.

Directed By Adam Smith

Technical Director: Rob Vaughan IV

Lighting Designer: Rob Vaughan IV

Music Director: Pete Seibert

Sound Designer: Jamie Coupar

Stage Manager: Nina Shamloo

Leah Bernick as Cathy Hyatt

Ranjan Khan as Jamie Wellerstein


L5Y Program



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