The Vagina Monologues 2012



Sedia Bonsu
Christine Quilpa
Jen Park
Soo Lee
Eudora Chua
Addie Owusu
Ebonie Williams
Bri Balone
Courtney Stephens
Tamir Mengesha
Rajni Rao
Courtney Yancey
Audrey Ogendi
Lauren Coleman


Director’s Notes

Welcome to the University of Virginia’s 2012 production of The VaginaMonologues! This award-winning play is based on V-Day Founder/playwright Eve Ensler’s interviews with hundreds of women internationally. By joining us tonight you are officially apart of the global V-Day Movement that has been growing strong for nearly 15 years! The V-Day movement has4 core principles that I will share to better contextualize what we are doing here tonight and how you are already acting in the movement.

1.      Art has the power to transform thinking & inspire people to act

2.      Lasting social & cultural change is spread by ordinary people doingextraordinary things

3.      Local women best know what their communities need & can become unstoppable leaders

4.      One must look at the intersection of race, class, & gender to understand violence against women

This year’s cast has been especially spectacular in applying these principles as well as in their ability to empathize with the subject matter to understand that this production is more than performance, that The Vagina Monologues is about life.  It is about women on the inside—outside of academia and in the real world.  The fourteen individuals you see tonight have undergone a fun, exciting, exploratory process     these past few weeks and in doing so we have come together as a closer community of people— of women.  They are sharing their voices with you tonight as the realwomen that Eve Ensler interviewed shared their voices to create this experience.

Collaborating with this cast of women has truly been an honor, privilege and an experience unlike any other.  I’ve seen them shed their inhibitions or any initial timidity in order to fully realize the power of these words and stories and ultimately the power of their own voices. I imagined from the beginning of this process that we would be something like a family, a Happy Vagina Family 🙂 and that we would work intimately with each other to reclaim the notion of the domestic space.

My vision has been totally realized as we’ve created a comfortable, safe, and  liberated space that casts out violence and instead celebrates survival and diversity. We recreate that for you tonightand humbly welcome you into the living room of our Happy Vagina Family!  We consider you apart of our home, our safe-space and our efforts to end domestic violence through art, raising awareness, creating dialogue, and ultimately community action.  So thank you again for contributing to themovement through your donations and your presence here! Also, many thanks to The Spectrum Theatre for bringing this great show to UVa for the 5th year! We hope you enjoy the show and are moved to continue to act towards the goal of endingviolence against women.

with V-DAY love, mia haruko logan


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